Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Looking to host a corporate event but stuck on ideas? At In Ya Face, we believe a work event should be an opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other better, share some laughs and create some fond memories. Nobody wants to mill about a room, mindlessly sipping on flat champagne and listening to some bland conversation about number crunching(or maybe you do, no judgement here) which is why we’ve compiled a list of fun corporate event ideas to get you started.  These fun corporate event ideas are guaranteed to keep your employees engaged, and will no doubt create a great lasting impression!

Fun corporate event ideas


Let’s be honest, kids aren’t the only people instantly beguiled by a talented magician. Though a little different, hiring a magician will no doubt elicit excited reactions from the crowd – especially if they’ve had a drink or two. You could opt for a full show or go for something a little more subtle such as a magician making the rounds to show people tricks up close. A magician is a wonderful way to ignite the inner child in your guests and will make your corporate event memorable for years to come.

Cocktail station

Drinking cocktails is certainly fun, so it stands to reason that making them would be fun too. Cocktail making is a wonderful way for employees to interact with one another and offers a relaxed alternative to traditional team building activities. There are plenty of companies that offer mobile cocktail classes, so you can get silly in the safety of your office.

Hire a band or a DJ

Sure, a UE boom does the job just fine but where’s the fun in that? Hiring a band or a DJ is a great way to breathe some life into a corporate event and offers an authentic experience that a simple sound system cannot. If your event is themed (Casino Royale, anyone?) a live band can really help to create a mood and keep the party buzzing.

Host an awards night

An awards night is a fun way to show your appreciation for employees and to share a laugh over the various antics or personality quirks that are part of office life. Awards can reflect on employee accomplishments or be as fun and silly as ‘always hungry’ or ‘human Wikipedia.’ Your awards ceremony can be low key or extremely lavish – complete with ballgowns, tuxedos and a professional MC.

Hire a photobooth

Ditch the photographer in favour of a photobooth for fun corporate event photos! Photobooths are a fun, interactive way for employees to form closer relationships and create lasting memories. At In Ya Face, we take photobooth hire one step further with our range of fun, customisable props and gear to dress up in. Get your silly on with a pair of oversized glasses or pop a fun novelty hat on the boss – if they let you, that is.

Corporate Photobooth Hire

We hope we’ve given you some fun corporate event ideas for your next work function! If you’d like to hire a photobooth to some fun corporate event photos at your next event, feel free to get in touch with In Ya Face corporate photobooth hire. Contact us today on 0426 054 248 to get your quote or make your booking now.

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