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Fun and Creative Photo Strip Ideas

There’s just something incredibly wholesome and nostalgic about doing things a little bit old school. In this digital age, where everything is uploaded to folders, cloud storage, or uploaded online, it can feel extra special to be able to – quite literally- hold on to special memories. That’s why photo booths are especially endearing, as you get to have fun whilst also giving your guests a lasting memory they can cherish. Are you wondering what to do with photo booth strips after the event? There’s plenty of great photo booth picture ideas you can try that will have you remembering those epic moments for years to come. Rather than leaving them in your drawer or popping them in your phone case, put a creative spin on preserving those memories with some of these fun, easy to do photo strip ideas. You can even block out an afternoon to do it with family and friends!  So, need some inspiration on what to do with photo booth strips? Get out your inner Pinterest goddess with these fun and creative photo strip ideas!

Create a photo booth picture frame

What better way to relive your favourite memories than to have them right there on your bedside table with your very own photo booth picture frame? Though it might be tempting to just pop them in a drawer, putting them in a frame ensures they’ll last a long time. You can even get a little bit creative with your photo strip ideas – decorate the frame yourself or keep it minimal and lay your strips out in a creative, aesthetically pleasing way.

Turn them into fridge magnets

Combine the best of both worlds and stick your favourite memories on one of the best items in the house – the fridge! You can buy special acrylic frames to slip your photo strips into, or you can laminate them yourself and pop a magnet on the back. Voila!

Create a bookmark

It may seem like a no brainer, but photo strips are the perfect size and shape for bookmarks! Keep your place in a book and relieve your wonderful memories at the same. Photo strip bookmarks are also a great present for friends and make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Pop them in a scrapbook

Whip out the Kraft glue and get some friends involved to create your very own scrapbook! Undoubtedly one of the most collaborate photo booth strip ideas, creating a scrapbook with friends can be a fun way to relive those memories. It can be as minimalist as you like, or involve some more creativity with coloured paper, stick on letters, and glitter (if you don’t mind the cleanup). The possibilities are endless!

Create a garland

Another creative way to display your photo strips is to hang them up with some tiny pegs! You can pop them on some string or even some fairy lights for that added oomph factor. Garlands are your personal slideshow, and a relatively inexpensive, entertaining way to capture important memories.

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