Corporate Photo Booth Hire.

Liven Up Your Corporate Event With A Photo Booth.

At In Ya Face we say a big NO THANKS to boring corporate events! Instead, we offer a massive hello to making corporate events memorable for the right reasons! Why not try our corporate photo booth hire service to liven up your next function?

Are you having a formal affair and need a way to engage your delegates? Are you preparing to host a fun corporate event? A photo booth is a splendid way for your attendees to make great memories. It is also a quick and easy way to remind your guests of your brand name.

Try corporate photo booth hire with In Ya Face and stand out in the minds of your guests with a fun corporate photo booth hire. Make your booking today.

Ordinary corporate events are not known for being fun. Let’s be real. You shuffle into a dreary hall, get your lanyard, do a bit of networking and swap business cards. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll drink a lukewarm glass of chardonnay and graze on a generic spread of mini quiches before leaving without ever really being there. Not with corporate photo booth hire from In Ya Face!

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    Corporate Photo Booth Hire.

    Welcome to Fun Inc. We are in the business of making fun easy. We love nothing more than seeing our photo booths being used to bring people together and to break the ice. A photo booth is great for bringing people together. Nothing gets people talking to each other faster than a funny photo from the booth or the inevitable one-upmanship of trying to get a wackier picture! Even the most professional of conferences, corporate events, business functions, and trade events will benefit from the fun that comes with a corporate photo booth hire.

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    Make your event one to remember with customised photos and fun props

    You know that one of the most enjoyable elements of hopping into a photo booth is playing with all the props and dress ups! We wouldn’t dare deprive you of the fun and opportunity before you which is why we supply a whole range of fun and custom props and gear to dress up in. You will have a ball scrambling for the oversized sunglasses and novelty hats, and you’ll find that your guests will love the chance to relax and have some fun.

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    We are here to make your corporate event fun. We are committed to providing a quality photo booth hire option that is easy to use, affordable, and professional. We provide corporate photo booth hire to events across Brisbane.

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