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Capturing Funny Engagement Photos

When it comes to getting the right engagement photo, there are many directions to take. Should you opt for a loved up couple shot of the two of you embracing? A simple photo of an outreached hand, paying close attention to the new sparkly addition? Or maybe you’d like to add some humour into the mix and attempt something quirky? The possibilities are endless, but if you’re thinking about capturing funny engagement photos, it can be hard to come up with some fun ideas. So, we’ve put together some fun and creative ideas to help get you started!

Capturing funny engagement photos

Engagement selfies

The selfie is a modern classic for a reason – it’s simple, effective and incredibly adorable. Engagement selfies give you a little more freedom as you can take as many as you like. Well, as many as your partner will put up with! When it comes to engagement selfie ideas, you can opt for the classic close up of the ring shot, or a cheeky little flip of the ring finger!

Keep it candid

Okay, let’s be honest here – sometimes staged engagement photo pictures can be a bit cringe inducing. There’s just something so heartwarming and real about getting an authentic reaction on camera. If you’re about to pop the question, consider having a friend on standby to capture the moment when it happens. Yes, even with all the ugly crying!

Revisit the first place you met

Take a walk down memory lane and revisit the first place you met to take some photos. Whether it’s a cute café, movie theatre, or even a bus stop, weaving a warm memory into your engagement photos adds that extra special layer of the warm fuzzies.  Depending where you met, opting for a location shoot can end up being quite funny – maybe not the bathroom though.

Add in some Photoshop

For that extra bit of fun think about getting the help of graphic design artist to spice up your engagement photo pictures! You could recreate a movie scene, bust out the 80s sweaters or get your pets involved. The possibilities are endless!

Get your best friend involved

When it comes to capturing funny engagement photos, there’s nothing better than getting your best mate involved. Whether it’s acknowledging their status as a third wheel or borrowing their hand for the obligatory ring shot instead, bringing your bestie into it adds another layer of fun to your special day. Or you can get you can your furry friend involved instead!

Capture it in a photobooth

Like a selfie, a photobooth gives you some more control in capturing that perfect shot. But for the added benefit, a photobooth allows you to play around with funny themes, costumes and accessories. If you’re looking at capturing funny engagement photos without all the effort of setting up a shot and location, a photobooth is a perfect way to get that Insta worthy pic.

Need some engagement selfie ideas? Contact In Ya Face to discuss some photobooth options or hire an engagement photo booth to add that extra bit of fun to your special occasion.




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